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So who is Harry S. Dent, where does his “MAGIC” come from and why is he considered to be the “HOUDINI” of the Prediction World?

Imagine, for a moment what it would be like if you had a crystal ball and you could see into the future. How would that affect your decision making process?


Well, that’s exactly what Harry S. Dent has been doing for decades, predicting the future with uncanny accuracy.

His predictions are based on demographic, technological, consumer spending and geopolitical trends that don’t lie, allowing him to accurately identify economic booms and busts well ahead of the mainstream.

Often this research has proven to be contrary to the conventional wisdom of other economists.

Fortunes have been made by savvy investors, business owners and entrepreneurs alike who had been wise enough to heed Harry’s sage advice.

Here’s just a sample of why Harry S. Dent is the “Harry Houdini” of the prediction world.

  • In 1989 when economists were telling everyone Japan was the next economic super-power Harry Dent predicted a massive downturn which would last for more than a decade – Japan’s stock market dived 80% and real estate lost 60% and still hasn’t recovered
  • In the late 1980s, when most economists predicted a recession, Harry Dent stated a boom would commence in the US, Australia and Europe in the early 1990s and last through most of the first decade of the 2000s – he was right
  • In the 1990s Harry Dent predicted a decade or more ahead, major downturn beginning in 2008 and said, “No amount of artificial government stimulus will prevent it”. The GFC struck in 2008 and stimulus efforts by governments around the world did NOT stop it
  • He forecast the internet bubble peak of early 2000 and real estate bubble in US in 2005 – no one else saw these coming
  • He has appeared on Good Morning America and PBS, and is a regular guest economic advisor on CNBC and Fox Business
  • He’s been featured in Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Success, U.S. News and World Report, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, American Demographics and Omni.
  • He’s a New York Times Best-Selling author of numerous books including The Great Boom Ahead (1992), The Great Depression Ahead (2008) and The Great Crash Ahead (2011) and his upcoming Demographic Cliff
  • He has an MBA from Harvard and is a celebrated international speaker
  • He’s a consultant to Fortune 100 companies, has been the CEO of several entrepreneurial growth companies and is a keen new venture investor
  • Harry is the founder and senior editor at Dent Research, where he dedicates himself to identifying and studying demographic, technological, consumer spending and geopolitical trends to accurately identify economic booms and busts well ahead of the mainstream

The Shocking Truth ALL Business Owners and Investors need to know… We’re about to see a “Perfect Economic Storm” of Conditions NOT Witnessed since 1930…

Harry S. Dent says your home, investments, business profitability, pension, debt management, life insurance, even your job could be on the line…

  • ALL 4 key economic indicators – the 39 year Generation Cycle, the 36 year Geopolitical Cycle, the 30 year Commodity cycle and the 10 Year Business Cycle – point down together in 2016 for the first time since the dark days of the 1930s
  • Finally, the big spending of Baby Boomer s is over which has MASSIVE ramifications for every economy in the world
  • Unsustainable global debt levels continue to drive entire sovereign nations into bankruptcy – there is no money left for further stimulus
  • Despite the gloom, there are safe haven opportunities known to savvy investors
  • The opportunity of a lifetime awaits proactive business owners who prepare NOW

The HARSH REALITY is most wage earners, investors and business owners are totally unprepared for an economic downturn – but history proves this is the time when REAL fortunes can be made.

Here’s just a small sample of what you can expect to discover when you attend the “Secure the Future” 2016 Superconference, that is guaranteed to give an unfair advantage to investors, business owners and entrepreneurs alike

  • You’ll get a unique look at economic cycles and understand things most economists don’t understand including WHY this is the MOST OPPORTUNE time for investors and business owners who see it coming
  • How to do business and turn this next “economic crunch” into your advantage when many of your competitors will go under
  • Safe havens for investing – not gold or silver and not the British pond…so what is it?
  • The Great Conspiracy within the Finance Industry which is eating away confidence like a cancer – and how to combat it
  • The Elephant in the Room of the World’s Economy is finally revealed (yes, it has everything to do with China)
  • The opportunity of a lifetime awaits savvy business owners who prepare NOW – the top 10 BOOM industries for the next decade
  • What industries will be most affected and must be avoided like the plague… maybe yours?
  • Britain’s position in the world economy and Europe, and what this means for your personal wealth and security
  • Boom areas of the economy “the little guy” can cash in on, with surprising little start-up capital
  • Why the “old ways” of doing business and wealth creation no longer work in the NEW global economy (plus new ways which do!)
  • Real research-based strategies so you can be one of the few to side-step the carnage and secure a legacy of wealth as it happens
  • Two things are certain… You’ll never see the British and world economies in the same light again… AND… You will see the opportunities not threats, information you can’t get anywhere else
  • Protect yourself from financially devastating stock market and real estate losses by escaping the markets and other doomed investments before the carnage begins
  • Earn millions through specific “decline-related” investments year after year, over the next decade…
  • Create a “legacy of wealth” by snapping up nearly every investment you can think of, at fire sale prices…
  • Set yourself up for the next long term “boom cycle”, which is set to begin around 2023…
  • Retire in luxury, with enough money to live like a millionaire and leave a “legacy of wealth” to your children and heirs
  • In short, you’ll have an opportunity to transform your financial life faster and more radically than any boom market can.

And much more!

These hand-picked “Masters of Cashflow” reveal their insider secrets to thriving in tough times at the Live 2-day “Secure the Future” Superconference 2016.

Live 2-day “Secure the Future” Superconference 2016 Features The Following World Class Cashflow Masters

Steven Essa

One of the most highly regarded experts in online marketing, and has won several ‘Best Speaker’ awards at conferences. He is most known for taking random seminar attendees and generating for them from $2,000 to $21,000
in 90 minutes.

John Lee

Self-made millionaire and co-founder of “Wealth Dragons”, an education company dedicated to offering people unique tools and skills to grow their wealth and generate passive income.

Harry Dent

Harry Dent is a renowned economist and best selling author who uses the science of demographics to predict future market events with uncanny accuracy.

Graham Rowan

Graham Rowan has been on a journey from massive losses to financial independence and a 7 figure net worth. Today, he chairs the Elite Investor Club helping others around the world to achieve what he has done through a combination of wealth coaching and extraordinary investments.

Andrew Pancholi

Andrew Pancholi is Harry Dent’s “Go To” man when it comes to market timing. He is the mastermind behind the proprietary Cycles Analysis system that identifies turning points in markets, days, weeks months and even years ahead.

Pat Mesiti

Income acceleration coach and best selling author. His passion is to equip and empower individuals and businesses to experience growth and prosperity to their fullest potential.

Greg Secker

A multi-millionaire by his twenties, Greg has gone on to create and run one of England’s most successful companies and blazed a path for the everyday-man in the street to walk towards financial freedom.

8 Reasons Why the “Smart Money” will be in the Room for Live 2-day “Secure the Future” Superconference 2016


Positions you for profit – Amid the looming carnage Harry Dent reveals the 10 Boom Industries for the next 10-20 years


Sidestep the wreckage that will be 2016 with the business models you should adopt to give you greater access to your clients as well as the flexibility to respond to the rapid changes about to hit us


Timing is everything… when NOT to invest is revealed and explained in intimate detail which gives you the chance to secure a legacy of wealth


Why just this one type of marketing MUST be mastered if you want fast success and a slice of the speed wealth available in the New Economy


Loans just after the “Recession We Had To Have” in 1992… and Wikipedia sprang from the post-9/11 scare… good times and bad, business still booms if you know what you’re doing… are you ready?


The chance to create your family fortune… You’ll see clearly how to forge your own pathway to riches using multiple income streams and thrive while most struggle just to survive financially

The latest research from Harry S Dent tells us we’re now in an economic cycle that will almost certainly greatly impact your life, your family, your business and your investments for the coming decade.

The big problem we all face in business in uncertain times is knowing who to turn to for advice that works.

With a NEW financial crisis set to hit our shores this year there is GOOD NEWS… When written in Chinese the word “crisis” is composed of two characters… One represents danger. The other opportunity.

While unprepared business owners and investors are set to be driven to the brink with losses in the years ahead history proves…

This is the Time when REAL Fortunes are Made

And that is why at the ‘Secure The Future’ 2016 Superconference we are dedicated to delivering to you a hand-picked panel of “Masters of Cashflow” who use only time tested, proven business and marketing strategies that work in uncertain times.

The truth is despite all the uncertainty and potential economic devastation, it’s possible to make more money NOW than ever before by getting on the “front foot”

It’s your choice between financial freedom and slavery instead sidestep the coming global carnage, position yourself for the greatest buying opportunity of a lifetime and secure a legacy of wealth as it happens

What if there was a way to predict what was coming next that made your wealth creation strategies effective, intuitive, easy to understand and simple to implement?

That was the question on Harry Dent’s mind in the aftermath of the devastating 1987 Stock market crash.

Harry Dent stumbled onto an idea. “What if the ups and downs of the economy were linked to demographics?”

What if the rise and fall of economies were connected to the age of the population, the size of the workforce, the number of young children in the average family, how many young adults are in school or university and how many people were moving into retirement?


He thought, “What if you could measure all of these things and know with absolute certainty what will happen next in the economy?”

If the mega rich had created their fortune on the back of economic opportunities driven by demographics – then what would this knowledge mean for the wealth creation potential of everyday families?

So he pulled together a team and they got to work.

But there was a problem.

His research on demographics and spending patterns led to predictions on the future of the economy that were the complete opposite of many of the most respected economists on the planet.

Could they really be this wrong – are the economists really so out of touch?

Surely there must be a mistake. He and his team poured over the research, agonizing on their findings until they were convinced.

In 1988 Harry Dent made his first bold public prediction – Japan was about to slide into a long term recession that would last decades.

He forecast their real estate market would crash along with their stock market and what’s more… he said they would not recover for decades.

He made these predictions based solely on the aging Japanese population. A population that slipped into retirement in the early 1990’s – twenty years ahead of most economies in the western world…

At the time, he was ridiculed – everybody knew Japan was the new rising star that it was going to overtake America as a global economic superpower for decades to come.

But Harry Dent was right.

Finally discover what Harry Dent knew then, and find out what he knows now, so you can prosper in the next great depression…

You can’t fake 30 years of accurate economic forecasting proves you can prosper with Harry Dent

It’s an astonishing track record which, despite some populist mutterings, has not been built on preaching doom and gloom.

Far from it.

For example…

In the early 90’s economists began saying we were heading into a long recession.

“No” said Harry Dent.

“In fact – we are heading into a great boom – a boom that will run for the best part of two decades.”

We then witnessed the greatest property boom in our lifetimes with the share market soaring to unseen highs.

It was not all plain sailing, but Harry Dent was right – it was no recession – it was the greatest boom of our lifetimes.

But Harry Dent’s news came with a dire warning… The Boom won’t last.

In fact, it will end in a great depression.

A depression that will first rear its head in 2008, but then come back with the vengeance of a tsunami somewhere between 2010 – 2012.

It hasn’t – Harry Dent must be wrong…

Unfortunately, no.

The unprecedented level of world-wide stimulus spending by governments in 2008-09 did TWO things…

1.) It delayed the onset of the next great crash; and

2.) Because so many spent so heavily, with borrowed money, it’s left governments with nowhere to go other than unacceptable levels of national debt

There is no more “bail out” money either here or overseas which has left just about every economy vulnerable.

In 1998 he warned that the depression from 2008 – 2023 would be no ordinary recession.

It would be a deflationary recession, exactly the same as Japan experienced in the early 1990’s to 2005 – a deflationary recession where everything goes down – domestic real estate, commercial real estate, the share market…everything down.

The old rules that saw us through the 1990’s and early 2000’s will not work.

NOT “buy and hold”.

NOT “invest for the long term on the back of capital growth”.

All these rules now go out the window.

The new rules are about debt reduction, investing for cash flow, stripping costs out of your business and harnessing new technology for client acquisition.

The old rules of letting inflation drive up rental returns on debt-shackled investment properties won’t work in the New Economy.

The good old days of rising capital gains and refinancing home loans to tap into all that equity are gone.

Now families who tapped too aggressively into that false equity in the boom time will start to see the mortgage increase above the value of their home as the property market continues to soften.

This will be no ordinary recession – it will be the great economic crunch of our lifetime.

The fact is, there is no great secret, no voodoo or magic divination behind closed doors to arrive at these predictions on the future of the economy.

Harry Dent has observed that there are predictable cycles in the economy – four seasons in fact.

In the same way as the farmer observes when to plant his seed by following the seasons, the economy also has a summer, an autumn, a winter and spring.

Some summers are hotter than others, some springs may have more rain, but you cannot mistake what season you are in – there is always a right time to plant the seeds and a right time to harvest.

Like most people you have watched…

  • Your pension go down
  • The share market slide
  • And property prices soften

You may even have heard the talk that it’s time to buy silver and gold.

The fact is, in this Winter Season, it has been hard to know what to do – there seems to be so much uncertainly everywhere.

Until Now.

Join Harry Dent, the hand-picked panel of “Masters of Cashflow” and discover how to protect yourself from what’s ahead and see the best way to make fantastic profits in this downturn.

Are We Facing The Greatest Economic Crunch of All Time?

  • American national debt ceiling broken three times and now at all-time high
  • Europe on the edge as Greece faces imminent bankruptcy, Italy suspected to follow and youth unemployment at record danger
  • Largest population demographic in Western Economies, the ‘Baby Boomers’ are now moving into retirement at unprecedented levels
  • What does this mean for all British people and How do YOU take advantage of the turmoil
  • There is only one way to find out – come to Secure The Future 2016, register today


If you’re the sort of person who chases the next ‘shiny object’ without ever implementing, or you believe in “get rich quick schemes” please leave this page NOW because…


Still here?

Great, shows you’re committed to your success

Not only that…

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose…

This 2-day superconference is loaded with insightful, powerful strategies, tactics and techniques specifically designed for investors, business owners big and small, entrepreneurs and even wage slaves.

It’s highly likely this cutting edge information is just what you need to give you an unfair economic advantage over your competitors and…

Rise above any doom and gloom.

Here’s a quick recap about what you’ll receive…

Live 2-day “Secure the Future” Superconference 2016 Ticket Component

Live 2-day “Secure the Future” Superconference 2016

Morning Tea x 2 days

Lunch x 2 days

Afternoon Tea x 2 days

The Sale Of A Lifetime book by author Harry Dent







Your Investment









I believe right NOW is the best time for you to become 100% financially independent so you never have to worry about money EVER again!

Final Comments…

In this Chaotic New Global Economy there is what I call a “cleansing of the pipe” going on. Business owners and investors who fail to change with the times will, and are, being “cleaned out”.

You don’t have to be one of them.

This high end training gives you all the tools, tactics and strategies to ensure you won’t be one of the “cleansed” and out of business.

During the training we will be like unwiring the money switches in your brain
changing your DNA so you get this at a very deep level and…then hooking the wires back up before you leave so you can go home and implement immediately.

For me…

I get the buzz when I help people succeed in business and life.

It’s my dharma and life purpose.

Let me reassure you, a better, easier, more stable business life – with higher profits – awaits if you know what you’re doing.

This training day is the first step.

I look forward to seeing you very soon, and helping you achieve all of your business and financial dreams.

To Your Success,


P.S. Early-bird tickets to attend the 2-day “Secure the Future” are only £97 each, so hurry before prices go up to £147.

P.P.S. Tickets include VIP morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and a complimentary copy of my new book The Sale Of A Lifetime, before it hits the stores.

P.P.P.S. You must have a physical ticket to get in the door. When you register now, we will send you a confirmation email. The ticket(s) will be mailed to you separately.

What People Say About Harry Dent


“While being one of the most bullish and accurate forecasters for 20 years, Dent has always been warning that this great boom would end around 2008-2009. He now sees a bigger crash ahead and a deflationary environment that could ravage your portfolio. His warnings and predictions are well worth reading and taking seriously.”

– David Bach

“I have watched Harry Dent’s unique demographic approach to the economy and his forecasts for over 20 years. He has seen most of the key economic changes way ahead of most. In fact, he forecast the current economic crisis 20 years ago! He has spoken at many of my events around the world and has helped many prepare for the unprecedented economic challenges we are facing today.”

– Robert D. McTeer

“The Great Crash Ahead” sounds ominous, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what factors to look at when making new decisions about your career, your investments and your business model. The old remedies won’t work anymore, but visionaries Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson provide their unique insight on how to make your future a prosperous one.”

– Ed Slott

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